Address:  1205 N Loop 1604 W/Blanco Suite 230 San Antonio TX 78258
Tel: 210-492-2338

Title: Squirt2/6/2015 6:58:09 AM
I was blowing mud with 2 hours of eating here
Title: 2/22/2015 6:04:54 AM
Title: 12/8/2013 11:29:10 AM
I went here for a large birthday party luncheon. I'm not a sushi person, but I love Hibachi. I ordered the Tiger Shrimp Hibachi Lunch. I am not really a big fan of the sauce they used, or the amount of rice we were given - a very small amount. The rice was really great. I got a pretty good amount of shrimp for the lunch platter, so it was a decent price and I ate it even though I didn't like the sauce.The staff + service was absolutely amazing and I loved the decor of the place. Overall, I likely wouldn't go back unless it was for a luncheon or dinner or some such, but if you like sushi everyone who ordered it in my party said it was delicious.
Title: 12/31/2013 2:18:40 AM
Maybe I went on a bad day because my sushi wasn't great. I chose the spyder roll and it tasted like it had been sitting under a heat lamp all day. It was very dry and rubbery...I kept on chewing and chewing. I couldn't finish it. I've heard many good things about this place but it was very subpar to me. Maybe I'll try them again but not anytime soon.
Title: No Way12/20/2013 6:34:56 PM
I placed my first order (to go) based on a friends recommendation...will not return. My wife had strep and simply wanted Miso Soup for comfort...the one item missing from my order Miso Soup. Attention to detail or lack there of annoys me. Plus the lack of customers in the restaurant picking up my to go order is alarming.
Title: 11/7/2013 3:20:13 AM
Best sushi in town. Unbelievable happy hour! Half price sushi and wine (sake)! Service is fantastic. Owner/head chef is former head chef at Sushihana. Highly recommended!Trying the Love boat tonight. 60 pieces of sashimi, nagiri, and rolls for less than $30. Only lasts till 6pm though, so hurry. We like to start with a half price bottle of champagne. Enjoy!
Title: 11/21/2013 9:49:41 AM
By far as a sushi bar it hold it's name correctly, great sake nice and warm and served very elegant.Food and presentation is well serving and talk about boat more like a ship!!!its amazing specially when wanting something different!raw fresh fish from tuna,salmon,cod,crab the best! .when wanting a delicious food for a quick snack or on a romantic dinner the mood is set very elegant ambiance with such delicate lighting and spacious sushi bar,they even have a sake bar and large enough tv to catch a quick look at the spurs game! The service is by far the most personal it can get manager Adam never forgets that your there and shares very smart dishes and rolls to make sure the taste buds are taking care of.the waiters and cooks are very clean and are acknowledged of what they are explaining as far as the ingredients and ways to make the perfect rolls.I definitely recommend this spot to enjoy some excellent sushi.......ask for Tim as the waiter very excellent young man.
Title: 10/29/2014 4:19:48 AM
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